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4XF Consulting is designed to support you and your family in ANY educational struggle.  Collectively, we have over 50 years experience working on the North Shore as teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators.  We understand that navigating IEP / Section 504 / General Education can be overwhelming and lead to dissatisfaction and feeling lost in a system of decisions where most parents are not equipped to handle.  

Our mission is to create the best possible outcomes, so every child receives the education they deserve! Our vision is be recognized as the “go to” partner for educational supports by our clients, school districts, and private providers.  We are committed to advocating on behalf of the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of our clients. We believe that every child deserves the best education possible and every parent deserves to be heard.

Consulting Services Offered:

  • IEP Advocacy
  • 504 Advocacy (including physical health related matters)
  • General Education Advocacy
  • School Communications
  • Parenting Support (Groups & 1:1)
  • Child Support (Groups & 1:1)
  • Teacher Support (Groups & 1:1)
  • Executive Functioning Coaching

IEP / 504 / General Education Consulting Services include:

  • Navigating IEP / Section 504
  • Building Relationships with Schools
  • School Communications
  • Document Review
  • Meeting Preparation
  • Meeting Support – Requires preparation, consulting and planning
  • Follow up & Continued Support

4XF, Inc. does not provide legal services or legal advice. 4XF, Inc. cannot guarantee the outcome(s) of its consulting or advocacy. 4XF, Inc. has the right to terminate any services or agreements at anytime.

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