4XF Executive Function Coaching

4XF Executive Function Coaching is one on one between a student and 4XF highly trained staff member.  4XF works with a number of coaches who are educators, advocates, and private providers. When a client contacts 4XF, we do our best to match the needs of the client with the expertise of our personnel.  Considerations include: age, gender, skill deficit, specific learning disability, and other cognitive health related needs. It is important to note that the client can ALWAYS identify the 4XF Coach he / she would like to work with.

Executive Function Coaching Services Include:

  • Student Organization
  • Student Skills
    • Time Management
    • Problem-Solving
    • Metacognition
    • Task Initiation
    • Long-Range Planning
  • Study Skills

4XF School Communications

School Communications:

  • Reasons for Emails
    • Evaluation Request
    • Student Records Request
    • Social / Emotional Needs (including behavior concerns)
    • Teacher Concerns
    • Health Concerns
    • Administration Concerns
  • Email Types:
    • Initial Communication
    • Follow Up
    • Response to School
    • Concerns
    • Administration

4XF, Inc. does not provide legal services or legal advice. 4XF, Inc. cannot guarantee the outcome(s) of its consulting or advocacy. 4XF, Inc. has the right to terminate any services or agreements at anytime.

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