The 4XF S.O.S. Bag will hold the standard school issued Chromebook with a screen up to 12.9”; iPad with a screen up to 12.9”; 13” MacBook Pro or (snugly) the 13” MacBook Air; and other computer devices up to 12.50” wide. Devices larger than 12.50” wide will not fit in the padded device section of the bag.

The 4XF Bag was initially designed for students in middle school who travel from class to class – typically ages 11-14. However, the same needs for organization skills exist for high school and college students (ages 15+); and because some elementary schools issue devices and assign a significant amount of homework, the bag may be useful for younger students as well. It is never too early to teach executive function skills!

We accept cash, check, money order, and all major credit cards.

As required by law, 4XF, Inc. collects sales tax for Illinois residents purchasing a bag for personal use. For all out of state orders, we do not collect sales tax. Illinois school PTOs/PTAs purchasing in large quantities may be exempt from paying sales tax; this will be determined on a school by school basis.

We purposefully did not create a spot for a water bottle because we did not want to create a situation where a student spills water into the bag if a bottle is not sealed tightly. As teachers, we see this happen often. We recommend using a sturdy clip to attach a water bottle outside the bag for easy removal.

We purposefully did not create a spot for food because teachers do not want food in the classroom. We recommend using a sturdy clip to attach a lunch/snack bag/box/pouch for easy removal and storage in a locker.

Yes, the bag was designed to fit in a standard school locker.

Yes, we will provide the PTO/PTA with detailed photos, highlights, a sample bag for parents to view at orientation or open house, and a discounted price so your PTO can raise funds! It’s simple – you make the 4XF S.O.S. Bag available for purchase to parents in your school, place your final order with us and we will ship the complete order to your school for distribution.

Yes, please contact us to discuss quantities so we can better provide an estimated time of delivery. We strive to get students organized ASAP!

Most schools have different rules and regulations about how a computer device should be protected and what students are allowed to carry to class. Because the 4XF Bag was designed with equal protection to school issued device cases, most often the bag will be approved as a protective carrying option. The bag was also designed to be a compact organizational system that replaces the 3-ring binder. Although the bag has backpack straps for comfortable transportation, these straps can be removed easily, if necessary, making the bag function like a “smarter” version of a binder.

While we can’t guarantee that all schools will allow the bag to be carried, most schools require students to carry a large 3-ring binder. When the backpack straps are removed, it essentially functions like a “smarter” version of a binder. We don’t see this being an issue, but we encourage you to inquire with your school before making a purchase.

The 4XF S.O.S. Bag uses the system of a binder but makes it functional! The bag has a file for each class, which eliminates the 3-rings that often misalign and break. It also removes the clutter of other classroom materials being on the desk during instruction time, allowing for quicker task completion. Students can easily open the bag and take out and put back work into the designated file, allowing them to be ready to learn.

When we designed the bag, we consulted with school tech directors that purchase device cases for students. We took those cases to our manufacturer to recreate the thickness, padding and structure when producing the 4XF S.O.S. Bag. After reviewing the bag, school tech directors felt very confident that it was safe for devices and gave their approval to use the bag in place of the current device case.

No. If a student is using the 4XF S.O.S. Bag there is no reason to also carry a device case. The bag was designed to provide the same amount of protection as do school issued devise cases.

Not at this time. However, students can personalize their bags using the clear slot on the front and name slot on the back. We will be expanding our bag styles soon. Contact us to let us know what you’d like to see!

No! The 4XF Bag was designed by teachers as a solution for ALL students. Research strongly suggests that when organization is strengthened, students and adults have greater success at achieving objectives. The 4XF S.O.S. Bag is ideal for any student or adult that is looking for a tool to clearly organize his/her belongings. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Teachers have found great success with the 4XF S.O.S. Bag because it allows them to separate each class and works as a traveling file system.
  • Realtors love that the 4XF Bag provides a way to separate and organize documents for each client/property using the tabbed section. They can easily show a new property to a client by having a device handy at their meeting. The front pocket is used to advertise their latest property.
  • Business professionals organize materials for different clients or projects using the bag. Transfering account information too and from home becomes simple and quick.
  • And much more.

Typically, a small online order will take 1-2 weeks for delivery depending on your location. For schools and PTOs/PTAs placing large orders, please contact us.

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