L.A.U.N.C.H. Series – Classroom Anticipation

Welcome Back!  I hope you found our last post useful in your classroom or at home.  The concept of listening is one that cannot be overstated.  It is the basis for understanding and it affords teachers the opportunity to truly identify with their students.  As we all know, we want to L.A.U.N.C.H. our students to success.

The second part of our L.A.U.N.C.H. series is ANTICIPATION.  This step is seldom used in the educational setting and I am not sure why.  As teachers, the primary focus is student growth and learning.  Teachers spend countless hours planning and creating opportunities for students.  These lessons or units have been developed with a low floor and high ceiling due to the nature of classroom needs and requirement to keep on all students engaged in on grade level tasks.

* Please leave a comment if you would like more information on performance tasks and complex tasks.  I am happy to write a blog post discussing what they are and how they can impact learning in your classroom.

Anticipation was identified as a key L.A.U.N.C.H. component through years of professional practice and observation.  I was always struck by the teachers that seemed to be able to answer student questions and needs prior to it being spoken. These teachers were able to see the END result and work backwards… They looked for the “what ifs” and the “yeah buts” before their students.  This practice was not tied to longevity or wizardry.  It was tied to two-way relationships and solving problems.

So, how can you anticipate more effectively? Become an investigative reporter.  By answering the who, what, why, how, when questions your students struggle to answer, you will find yourself working through learning from their lens.  This process is not long once your mindset shifts from what you need to do to what your students will need show.  An additional benefit of this approach is the connections you will make with kids.

Anticipation is a gift to everyone.  The response when it becomes a key characteristic is filled with positivity and a feeling of accomplishment.  Without it, frustration and struggle are looming, which leads us to our next topic – Understanding.  Look for our next segment in the next two weeks. Until then… Keep LISTENING and start ANTICIPATING!


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* The author of this POST is Matt Eriksen, Ed.D.  Matt is an expert in the area of K-8 Education.  He has served as teacher, teacher leader, K-8 administrator, parent, consultant and coach.  If you want to contact him directly, his email address is: matt@4xfbags.com

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