L.A.U.N.C.H. SERIES – Non-Negotiables


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My last blog post opened with an introduction to the 4XF Team’s approach to classroom organization and management. The post was filled with A LOT of information and placed the instructional specialist (teacher) at the center of the conversation. We believe that LISTENING actively and ANTICIPATING student struggles are critical to UNDERSTANDING success.


Our 2nd Quarter post takes us to the next phase of the L.A.U.N.C.H. SERIES– NON-NEGOTIABLES. This time of year everyone  fully understands what the school year is going to look like. Expectations are set, routines are formed, conferences have happened, report cards delivered, and those DREADED feelings of “I don’t think the teacher likes me, I don’t think the kid respects me, I don’t think the school knows what is really happening” start to creep into social conversations and even the school hallways…


SO… Now what?!


While every situation is different, there are several NON-NEGOTIABLES that need to happen. The NON-NEGOTIABLES will change the dialogue from the dread above to a more collaborative approach focused on learning. Here are our top 5 NON-NEGOTIABLES:

  • Two – Way Relationships – YES, with everyone.
  • Planning & Prioritizing are LEARNED Skills – Teach Them!
  • Problem – Solving is refined when STUDENTS process and develop flexible thinking.
  • Student voice leads to SELF MONITORING.
  • If the teacher and school have EXPECTATIONS, teach them, reinforce them and follow through on them.

* If this is needed, give yourself permission after Winter Break and hit RESET – THINK FLEXIBLY.  This is a sign of strength and desire to grow your learning community. 

We know that there are additional thoughts on NON-NEGOTIABLES, so we encourage the comment feature below. There is much need to collaborate around things that are required because they lead to the final two parts of our L.A.U.N.C.H. series – CULTURE & HABITS.


PLEASE COMMENT – 4XF looks forward to learning with you.


The author of this POST is Matt Eriksen, Ed.D.  Matt is an expert in the area of K-8 Education.  He has served as teacher, teacher leader, K-8 principal, parent, consultant and coach.  If you want to contact him directly, his email address is: matt@4xfbags.com

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